April 18, 2017

How to sell your clothes online

What do you do with those old college clothes you loved, but don't fit into? Or the jeans that just don't fit the same post-baby, or maybe that random shirt (or two, or three!) you bought on a whim, that you just never wear?

Well, for me? I used to keep it all, overload my closet, regret that decision immediately, and then donate it. I got wise, and started giving it to a friend's daughter, until she grew out of some of my things. I kept thinking it was such a waste, I pride myself in caring for my clothes, and I feel like I have pretty decent taste! A friend of mine told me about Poshmark, and how she was able to unload a fair mount of things from her closet.

Off to the Post Office we go!

Of course, first thing I did was check reviews...were people happy? Did they make money? Was it questionable? If you do a general Google search, you'll read plenty of pros + cons. After a lot of reading, I joined. Since February 2017, I've sold 101 items already! AMAZING. All things I was set to giveaway. Honestly, you'll be amazed at what sells (and sometimes you'll question why things don't.)

Here are some of my Poshmark selling tips:

  • Whenever you can, take photos during the day. The brighter the photo, and the more true the colors, the happier looking the item is. No one wants to buy a blurry, dark shirt on a stained carpet, eww. 
  • Pair things together. Show people how cute that tunic top will be by laying down a pair of jeans and throw a pair of shoes beside it, or just a necklace. Make people want that outfit.
  • Share, share, share. You'll see people sharing your posts like crazy, do the same back. Think about this, you share 5-8 items of closet who has, lets say, 10,000+ followers, then they share a handful of your items, and voila! Your closet was just seen by 10,000+ people. Visibility is key. I've had multiple sales happen after doing this.
  • Follow, follow, follow. Follow as many people as you can, even if you aren't fond of their closets. It's not about what's in your newsfeed, it's all about visibility, I've learned. 
  • A mannequin torso may be your BFF. After months of selling my clothes, I wanted to up my game, it was a personal choice, but I felt like my clothes would show better if they were on someone, er, something. So, instead of me modeling them (because I didn't want to), a $25 mannequin on Ebay was a very wise purchase, my closet is selling much more quickly than it was before. 
  • Safety is key. Be smart, if someone asks you to model something, crop your head out, your kids out, photos of your family hanging on the wall out, and take it in a neutral space that won't show your current credit card bill on the fridge, or something crazy like that. As with anything online, think before you post. 
  • Know your profit. Set your price, and don't be afraid to negotiate. There are some serious chiselers out there, many low ball offers come in. Don't be afraid to use the counter offer button, or even decline it. I've had to do it plenty of times!
  • Warning: You'll buy lots of things too! Okay, so I'm telling you how to sell your clothes, but I haven't warned you about the buying habits! I've found some GREAT things on Poshmark for cheap, which is exciting! My favorite buy is my J. Crew chambray denim button down, retails for $70, and I scored it for $30, new without tags condition! 
What I've learned....
Since I've been making a major effort to purge my closet, I've found I'm much more cautious about what I bring in, I never used to be like that. Now these thoughts run through my head: will this sell when I'm ready to get rid of it? Will someone want it? Is it good quality? Do I even LOVE it? 

I've been happy with Poshmark, and I'll continue to sell my clothes. I told my husband (after I bought the mannequin, who we've named Bertha by the way) that it's a great way to cycle out my wardrobe without hoarding it all. AND the best part? The handful of clothes that I've purchased have all been through the app, which means I haven't spent a dime (I've only used the money I've made.) ...where's the party emoticon when you need it....

What about you? Have you shopped online, or sold your clothes online? How has your experience been?

I've put my link above, but you can use my referral code to get $5 off your first order: GYEQK

April 17, 2017

I'm baaaack

I'm back friends! After a break (and a few kids later, what???) I've come back to my love of blogging. I can't wait to chat with you all, share new recipes, fun finds, tips, and more.