February 22, 2015

Philosophy Face Wash

Finally. A face wash my winter skin can love!

This winter weather has been rough on my skin. Maybe it's the postpartum hormones finally wearing off (seriously, 6 months later?) but I've suffered from incredibly dry skin and patchy redness, I have lots of go-to calming face washes, and great lotions, but nothing is working!

So, last week I went on a mission to Sephora to pickup some concealer (that's another thebabywontsleep.imsotired.undereyebagsarebad. post....) and of course I got completely distracted. No woman can say they walk into Sephora and get only the item they need, I think it's physically impossible to resist at least looking at another product, am I right?

Anyway, I picked up a small size of this Philosophy face wash.


Seriously, there's a reason there are over 8,000+ reviews on this wash. After only a few uses I could tell a difference. My skin was soft, I didn't have the splotchy red patches on my face, and my face was more clear! If you're 100% organic, this may not be the face wash for you...I typically like to purchase paraben, phthalate, etc-free, and this isn't all-those-fancy-bad-words-free, but this time I wanted to give in and try it, and I'm so glad I did!

On this trip I also purchased some new concealer...I cannot wait to review it for you! Check back later to see which brand I finally fell in love with!

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