December 5, 2014

Wet Brush Review

May I introduce you to the best hairbrush ever?

Little Bear has the most beautiful long, curly hair -- but it's a nightmare to brush. I mean, I wash her hair no more than once a week because she has a complete meltdown every. single. time. Throughout my Cyber Monday shopping travels, I randomly came across this brush, and it has been a blessing (for both of us!)

Meet our new friend, The Wet Brush.

It's not just great for Little Bear, I love it too! I'm still in that lovely postpartum hair loss phase, where my bathroom has tumbleweeds rolling around, and I could make wiglets out of it all. Anyway, this brush is so gentle, I don't lose as much hair when I brush now.

It's great for wet or dry hair, but just don't blow dry your hair and use it! One of the reviews said she melted the poor brush.

They have lots of fun colors! Check them all out here.

All opinions are genuine, and my own. I was not paid for this review.

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