March 18, 2014

Tarte Review & Must Haves!

Let's be honest, do you know how many chemicals are in your makeup? I know I didn't.

It's scary thought, we put this stuff on our faces almost daily, but do we know the effects it can have on our bodies? A couple of years ago I finally woke up, and decided it was time to get rid of the the makeup I was using with all the "junk" in it, and so began my search for what I called "better" makeup. I tried many different brands, but I was tired of having to reapply halfway through the day. When I put on my makeup for the day, I want to be DONE! Don't you agree?

Let's get down to the details...
  • Foundation: I love that it goes on smooth, has a matte finish, and I never have to reapply!
  • Eye Cream: I cannot believe how WELL this works. The reviews are amazing on it, and for good reason, it works like a charm. My dark circles have faded more than I expected.
  • Marajuca Oil: Don't let the oil scare you off! There's nothing oily about this stuff. The oil has a smoothing finish, I love to put it on at night before bed. It doesn't clog your pores, and feels light. 
  • Blush: Who doesn't love a pretty blush? This stuff stays on a lot longer than you expect, and comes in plenty of awesome colors. My go-to color is Dollface.

I like that Tarte doesn't include the top main bad chemicals we're warned about, their products are...

I'm dying to try the Tarte cheek stain....I just can't find the right color!

What about you? Have you made a switch to better products, with less chemicals? Any Tarte items you prefer?


  1. Ok. I totally didn't get it yesterday when you mentioned this! I thought you were referring to someone else's blog, not yours! This is WONDERFUL! What software did you use for the make up picture? Congratulations on the new blog! I love it.

    1. Thanks April! :) I used photoshop for the picture, but I know you can use PicMonkey to do something similar, and it's free!