March 24, 2014

Frugal Find: Scarf Organization

The first time my coworker mentioned Christmas Tree Shops and how great it was, I told him I thought it was a shop for holiday items, I really did! Well, a few weeks later I got a flyer from him and he told me I needed to go. Now I go all the time! You can't stop me from finding a great deal at that place.

My fabulously frugal find this time around was a scarf holder. I have tried to hang and fold and organize my scarves in so many ways, I was tired of it.

So, for just $4.99, this lovely find entered the picture (don't mind my messy closet!)....

Within minutes I hung my scarves up and finally felt like I had accomplished the scarf organization issue. Who doesn't love organizing?

Have you found any good deals lately?


  1. Hey! I have nominated you for your first blog award: the Liebster. Come by my site and pick it up. ; )

  2. oops! I accidentally commented as Alan.....this is April. oy.